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....."Leah has been my massage therapist since 2008. She has provided massage treatment for me twice a week. Leah is warm and approachable and puts you at ease; she quickly builds rapport with you - an important attribute for a massage therapist. Massage therapy is a vital component of my weekly routine and it enables me to work a 50 hour week and to train hard. Leah's treatment has helped me to improve my postural issues and relief from stress. Each year I would on average have at least one or two injuries from training and competing in power lifting. Since I have been seeing Leah I have not had any new injuries and I believe that seeing her on a regular basis has helped with injury prevention"....Vicki Hampton

...."Leah has been working with me for the past 6 weeks with post operation rehab and other long term muscle damage.

She is so knowledgeable and experienced, her work in the past few weeks alone has given me significant relief and allowed me to get moving!

I’d happily recommend Leah, for muscle management and her extensive physiological advice!".... Jesse Morley

....."Prior to seeing Leah I struggled with muscle stiffness and soreness. I was unable to complete more than 15km running without having to stop with pain in my legs and back. As a result of my treatment with Leah I have now managed to complete 1 marathon, 2 Coast to Coast events and numerous bike races in excess of 100km. Leah often had helpful advice for me in the lead up to these events to help me prepare my muscles for the strains they were going to be put under during these events"....Aaron Hill

....."As a potter, I regularly put my neck, shoulders & back under stress. Leah has helped me stay on top of sore & tired muscles which I have no doubt have prevented injury. She is knowledgeable, skilled & professional. I would recommend Leah without hesitation" .... Shannon Boyd

....."It was last year when I competed in a body building show that Leah's expertise was invaluable, as the stress you put on your body while getting ready for a show is intense! I would often arrive to see Leah all broken and leave feeling great. Since seeing Leah I have been injury free for over 6 months. As a personal trainer by trade I sent my clients to Leah with no hesitation as I knew they would be well looked after, and we had a great working relationship together from that. Leah is a true credit to her profession and will continue to do great things for many people"..... Darrin (Jazz) Pavelka

....."Leah is well worth consulting if you have picked up an injury you cannot shake. And as prevention is generally better then the cure, she is also worth talking to about your current training programme and for advice on how to prepare for an upcoming event.".....Grant Power

...."Over the last few years I have sustained a few falls and fractures. The last fall fractured my pelvis. I have been suffering increasing back pain and finally decided to do something about it so visited Leah. I rate massage therapists on the way they treat your body. Leah nurtures your body while aiding healing. I’m sorry I left it so long to go and visit her. I am sure as a result of having theses sessions with Leah my falls will stop, pain will disappear and I will also stop falling. Thank you Leah".... Leigh Kelly 

...."I visited Leah to sort out an issue with my leg after I was having trouble walking without pain. Leah managed to fit me in to a busy schedule and after diagnosing what the issue was, made me feel like new again. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.".... David Kidd

..."I have seen a few massage therapists and Leah is the best. Always feel so much better after a visit to her. Has worked very well with my injuries and post surgery needs."... Gary Lynch

...."I had a spinal fusion in 2017 and have been going to leah from 4 weeks after my surgery on a weekly basis. Leah has change my life through her massage and her rehabilitation programme she has done with me. Leah has helped me so much, to the point that I now go to her for my neck as my back is the best it has ever been!! thank you Leah you truly are amazing and the best at muscle management.".... Maria Schofield

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